Ayurved Vyaspeeth    22-Jul-2022
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Ayurveda – The Science of life is known to mankind since thousands of years . It is a very important branch of Ancient Medical science that had stood the test of time. However it was observed that such a classical system of medicine was marginalized due to various reasons by the government authorities and the lay public due to lack of knowledge of its vast and immense heritage. Ayurveda is a gift to the world from India , and has immense potential globally . Inspite of all this there was lack of support from many quarters leading to a somewhat lethargy in the system , which had to be changed for the better . This was only possible by having a organizational structure dedicated for the cause of Ayurved .
With complete faith in the principles of Ayurveda, a small group of friends and extremely motivated and dedicated Ayurveda practitioners came together on 25th Dec 1997 at Rammala , Dist Satara and decided to work for the endowing Ayurveda its previous glory . The group focused on scientific learning , teaching , Research and service to mankind through Ayurveda . The Team led by Vd Vinay Welankar discussed and deliberated on the various problems of all the stake holders of Ayurveda , viz – Ayurvedic Vaidyas , teachers , under-graduate and post-graduate students , pharmaceutical companies engaged in the manufacturing of classical ayurvedic medicines , and the patients who wanted to avail ayurvedic treatment. All of them were facing numerous problems . As a result of these intense brainstorming sessions and discussions , the concept of AYURVED VYASPEETH was conceived in 1997 and a platform for Ayurveda was created . Subsequently in the year 2000 a organization solely devoted to the cause of Ayurveda , i.e Ayurved Vyaspeeth was established .