Prakriti Analysis

Tick all the boxes that apply to you.
1)How is your physique?
2) Your weight?
3) How is your complexion?
4)What is the colour of your hair?
5) How are your eyes?
6)How are your lips?
7)How are your teeth?
8)How are your nails?
9)How are your palms/soles?
10 )How is your skin?
11)Your strength?
12)What is the temperature of your body?
13)How are your joints?
14)How is your body above stomach(umbilicus)?
15)How is your hunger?
16)How is your digestive capacity?
17)What is your quantitative food intake?
18)Which taste do you prefer the most?
19)Do you feel thirsty?
20)Do you prefer warm food or cold food?
21)Do you prefer warm beverages or cold beverages?
22)Do you experience constipation?
23)Do you experience excess sweating?
24)How do you speak?
25)What is the speed of your walking?
26)What is the pace of your daily activities?
27)How do you react to any incident? Do you react impulsively?
28)How do you perform your daily activities?
29)How is your grasping power?
30)How is your memory?
31) How is your learning (memorizing) power?
32)How is your sleep pattern?
33) Do you dream when sleeping?
34) What is generally the pattern of your dreams?
35) How do you solve your problems?