Ayurved Vyaspeeth    17-Aug-2022
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Shikshan - Understanding and implementing the concepts of Ayurveda goes a long way in ensuring excellent clinical management of the patient. To enhance the knowledge, skill and professional competence of the Ayurvedic vaidyas and students, Ayurved Vyaspeeth has been organizing CME – Continuing Medical Education / Clinical meetings across various branches in Maharashtra. Apart from the knowledge up gradation of the private practitioners, senior members of Ayurved Vyaspeeth also conduct training sessions in collaboration with Directorate of AYUSH and DHS by video conferencing with doctors involved in the various ayurveda colleges and public health establishments. Numerous books on various subjects have been published by Ayurved Vyaspeeth so far. A state level Ayurveda Quiz competition – Prashna manjusha is held every year, which sees students from various colleges participating in large numbers. Senior members of Ayurved Vyaspeeth are recognized RAV Gurus.